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Afromantic is about loving Africa and all she has produced, including YOU! Knowing you came out of Africa is the first step to accepting Africa as a part of YOU! But the knowledge alone in not merely enough to connect YOU to Africa… Afromantic aims to provide YOU with the missing pieces of the puzzle. Africa has a rich and most valuable story to be told. Some ancient, some heroic as it was the continent where live originated… The beginning of civilization started here!

Heal, nurture, empower & embrace

"Afromantic is about healing the souls, nurturing the spirits, empowering the mind & embracing the bodies"

Linking you

Our Pillars

Sharing OURstory, oppose to HIStory, bringing you closer to the true identity of your culture.
Overstand (understand) the traditions, where they’ve emerged from and how they reflect you.
Exploring the rituals once performed by your ancestors, connecting you to Africa and her African diaspora.


African History told from the African perspective


The gatekeeper of our identity


The way to acknowledge & honor your ancestors.


Reinforce your being, installing intrinsic value and nostalgia.

Looking back on our


While our history was subjected to political manipulation, it can not be denied that we have the oldest civilization in the world. Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that we must have accomplished a lot. Africans are very creative and inventive. Many of us still wonder how the pyramids were build, while lacking the equipment we have today. Africans were also the first to have libraries and universities. There is so much to be proud of and to associate yourself and family with to Africa…


Unraffled mysteries


Unexplored civilizations





Occurred & Upcoming Events



14 feb 2020
SOULCIALIZE is the new way of connecting the heart & soul of Black Lovers.We carefully select our audience creating an all African inspired ambiance for people of color to meet, connect & celebrate their love… BLACK LOVE! Registrate now
No Shade

No Shade

A Clare Anyiam-Osigwe film
Filmscreening “No Shade” en Q&A in gezelschap van de award winning producer Clare Anyiam-Osigwe uit de UK.
Fathersday - Father's of Africa

Fathersday - Father's of Africa

16th of June 2019
On the 16th of June 2019 (Fathersday) Afromantic is organizing a Brunch for Father’s of Africa. All Father’s & their families of Africa and the African diaspora are welcome to enjoy the drinks and bites we serve, all African inspired!
Launch Afromantic

Launch Afromantic

24 maart 2019
After we’ve launched our website on the 21st of March 2019, we will have an official launch on location on the 24th of March 2019. You are welcome to join us & learn more about our philosophy and approach. We just want to say thanks for all your interest!

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