What is balance and when does it apply and to what?


alance is to hold an upright and steady position, an opposition of equal forces, harmony, nothing is out of proportion, emotional stability, to be calm and make rational decisions and judgments, to weigh an object, something that offset or counters the weight, counterweight, a remainder, a bill still, to be paid, the balance, if your credit and debit are equal and cancel each other out, to be equal on both sides.

So balance or universal balance can be one thing that cancels out the other, or a remainder of a unpaid debt, or that everything is equal and nothing is out of proportion.  Is the universe out of proportion?


Ma’at an Egyptian term also Know as Justice and Order.  Someone Justifying their actions is that justice? If someone has to play a price or an outcome for their actions, then it will take Someone else to care out that result, unless they take it out on themselves. You have become In a state of Actions with No equal or opposite RE-action. Who can Rightfully determine what would be Justice To ones Actions taking against another?


Order just doesn’t take place on its own, when one wrongs another. Just because Something bad happens to you by the hands of another, doesn’t mean that he or she will have something bad happen back to them. That type of thinking is wrong thinking, the god/devil syndrome.  What goes around comes around, is WRONG thinking, when you try to apply it outside of the applied meaning. What goes around, is anything moving in a circle, and that is what will come back around, this is true when referring to a merry-go-round or hands on a clock is going around and around, the planet is moving around and around going nowhere, time is going nowhere. If someone steals (stills) your Ipod doesn’t mean that something will get stolen from them or God will punish them, they will get there’s in the end….is a program or a Back door to your Computer (brain, body and emotions) to step in do what they like to you or those around you and you do nothing about it,, nothing to prevent it from happening again….WHY?


That old slave (JOB) mentality, wrong thinking again, That has been taught to you by the ones stealing from you, so you wont do anything to ever really stop him from taking over and over again. What end are they going to get it in? If it’s the end of the world, then wouldn’t we all be getting it, called death, that’s no good justice is it?  When will their end come just for them, I hope not to be apart of there end? God, Allah, Anu, Yahweh , etc is not going to get them, If they don’t believe in your god. How is your belief going to do something to them after they are dead is when, God, Allah, Anu, Yahwah, etc. is going to get them, send then to hell?  Why didn’t  those Gods do something to STOP them from hurting you in the first place? Wrong thinking again, but this is your second nature, to think this way.  To Be Ignorant, To Believe, but Now the Time has Come To End This Lies and The mistreatment.


We must learn to apply the Right Knowledge to the right situation to get the right outcomes each and every time. What might work in one concept or situation doesn’t mean it will work in another, Each situation is different and each will need the Right Knowledge that pertains to that Subject.


As above so below, this can be also so misleading, having you think that it is two directions when in fact there is no direction at all, only when its applied to a higher universal law. Left and Right, North and south, east and west are they directions, Yes and no. Yes on the law of understanding their use and meaning, If You need directions they can be giving by left and right on a flat plan. Two or three dimensional directions, but when brought into a higher Standards (Ethereal Thinking)  there is no left and right, you have two right hands but one you call left, why? Up and down, when you are off the planet and there is no gravity, no point of origin, once you are away from any seen objects how can you go left or right, only if you apply what you were taught prier.   How will you know once your up in space, or down into space or out into space, see how these terms do not truly apply to Sound Right Reasoning…..because you are always within SPACE, You can’t go INTO space because it takes space for You to even BE in any state, physical, spiritual, or Ethereal.  Space Needs Space to even exist…Think about that!


Ethereal Overstanding, The Real E.  The Real Energy, The Real Ether (E-the-real), The Real Electromagnet Field. E – Electron, E – e-mail, e-book, e-bomb, The Real EL (GOD) is you.


You have always been in space. You have always taken up space even if it was only as thought, it was space that allowed that thought to exist. You have never been with out space, as a sperm, egg, consciousness even takes an amount of space, nothing would exist with out space.


I even mean Nothing wouldn’t exist without space, nothing can never, at no time, exist. Nothing would need space in order for it to exist, correct?


There’s space between the electron and proton of an atom. What makes up that space. Or is it space or just seen by the lesser laws of thought that its space.


Maybe there is a link to all things, seen and unseen, felt and not felt, that this space is ALL, and all things in The All Can not escape the All. But with bad conditioning, teaching, programming,  You have been taught that the space is between me and you. So that makes me separated from you and from this or that. Imagine You are in a ocean of ALL, surrounded by this All, like being in the ocean under water. Water (All) all around you, even if you heat the water to make steam spreading the water molecules further apart giving you the existence of more space but still surrounded by this steam (atmosphere) but you will never be able to get out of All.



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