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23 maart 2019
  • Awareness of awareness

    We were taught that energy has a (+) and a (-) charge, one connects with the other, the same charge repels each other…… So is the BRAIN the center of thoughts? Can the brain be polarized to either receive positive or negative thoughts? Now, when I say (+) & (-) I don’t mean good and bad thoughts. What makes a thought (energy) (+) or (-), that would be simple as sending and receiving energy (thoughts).


    When you receive a thought, You think its your thought, and that is where the connection starts, energy forming over and around a thought, then you can use that energy (thought) and move your body to follow the thought (energy) as you do so, that is now a action. The energy is still traveling, if your actions touch or cross another, by sight, sound, touch or smell, that energy (thought) keeps traveling, if they willingly or unwillingly know it. The thought lives Until one has let the thought go, What happens to the thought (energy) it remains, It is in death again until another form of energy moves it, or calls on it.


    Why do I say thought is in death, because we think anything not moving is dead, if the body is still then it maybe dead, if it is moving then its seen as being alive. Well, thought is the Life of Life and death. You as a Energy body, (E-B) Claiming you are a make up of all your life or all your THOUGHTS (energy) your thoughts are seen as who you are and what you have done. So in leaving the body, called death, you are only left with Thoughts (energy, soul, spirit), or you are left in the minds of others as a Thought, a Memory. A Memo, a Reminder, a Note.


     BUT are the thoughts Really you?


    No, they aren’t really you, they are just Energy, You are the energy that can become any other form of energy called thoughts, but you must learn how to control your connections to other energy that can bound you to them and they are bound to another then you are trapped to where they are………Past lives are simple the thoughts one housed is it not? If you connect to those houses, then you have that persons life.


     Can you be downloaded or saved to a disk, to a hard drive, can you be removed from one body and placed into another and still have the same exact thoughts you did before in the other body?


    Thoughts, images on a screen, like looking at a movie, are you the movie or the one watching the moving, but you (your) energy gets moving, becoming EMOTIONAL and you may cry from watching the Movie, you are reacting to what you hear and see as if it is real life events. In some sense you related or remember that happening to you or knowing someone that it happen to, or even just Imagining how that could feel and you have made a connection to THOUGHTS, a Movie. Are you reacting is it THOUGHT that is reacting, thought moving towards other thought, (+) energy being pulled to (-) energy…….


    Where do thoughts come from?


    That is a very good question, what came first the thought or the thinker of the thought. Why don’t you know? Have we forgotten , is there a piece of us that is missing, or has a piece(s) been removed from the brain, our receiver causing us to not know or have access to outer thoughts or other thoughts? Have we all be taught the same thing or we simple can’t think out side of this Plane of thoughts. Just imagine that you are all plugged into Face Book, You can only do what the program allows, you can have friends, photos, links, notes, reminders, etc. but if its not in the program then you can’t do it on Face Book. WE have been giving a I.D. number and if I don’t have your number then I can’t call you, or you me. But in reality we all have the same number. One number with different ext. and area codes. LOL,


    If I just told you where thought came from you wouldn’t even believe it. Because you might be so caught up in your Ego (energy goes to) thinking you are so unique and so special that its no way anyone came before me in the vast word of energy (thought)


    Are You Just A Thinker?


    Thinker, one who thinks, what do you think about? To think is simple a function is it not, a Learned function, what were you thinking before you were taught words, if all your thoughts are in the language you speak and know? You can’t say because you want to think a baby doesn’t know anything, because of what you now know as a adult hinders you from having that thought to what they may really be thinking of. The Mental Conditioning of another humans will power


    Who are We then?


    We are thoughts, programmed to think and react to others thoughts, looking at it as good or bad, right and wrong, and they all just thoughts. Law is what one agrees to and accepts as law. We are receivers of thoughts (energy) some accepts some energy and some don’t. but we all have them (thoughts) what makes us like one thing and not another. Is it a such thing as your nature or your neglecting of energy (thoughts) is really do to the program you house or use and why is it you can’t change your Internet carrier, If I don’t like FB no more can I use another, if I do, and you aren’t connect or a online member then we can’t interact with each other.


    Why is energy connected to thoughts or words and how?


    Energy is connected to energy by energy, will power is energy force. The only real power is WILL POWER. What power makes your planet rotate around the sun. what keeps your planet from being pulled into the sun or away from it. What keeps the sun centered in the solar system, why doesn’t the sun just get up and decide to move some where else, what keeps the sun centered? You call it forces and gravity, but it’s a POWER. The same power you are using to set and read this note word for word line for line. Think about this…