4 reasons why the work of Cheikh Anta Diop is important

4 reasons why the work of Cheikh Anta Diop is important:

With historical, archeological and anthropological evidences, Diop demonstrated that: *The creators of Kemetic civilization were dark-skinned people (read The African Origin of Civilization)
*Kemet was the center of Africa’s main cultures and languages & showed the interrelationships between African nations (read Precolonial Black Africa)
*People from the Nile Valley and people from Senegal present striking similarities not only in physical features but also linguistically (example: Wolof and Nuer have a lot of similarities phonetically & Diop even showed how Wolof could have been quite similar to the language spoken in Kemet)

Most importantly, Diop founded and operated the radiocarbon laboratory (Laboratory of Carbon 14) at the University of Dakar. Much of his work was to develop a chemical process for testing the melanin content in the skin of Egyptian mummies. His goal was to prove their black African ancestry. Boycotted by western scientists and historians as well as African governments, he was unable to fully conduct nor complete his research. Knowing how western historians rewrote, falsified and distorted the history of the rest of the world, imagine what would have happened if he was able to finish his research & present his findings…
Image: Cheikh Anta Diop at his laboratory in Dakar, 1976 –

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