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elcome to my first blog for Afromantic! I feel very honoured to be able to share my experiences and knowledge with you via this platform. Let’s share and learn from each other. At first, I would like to make clear that everything I write is from my own perspective and experience. You may experience it differently.

In this blog I will talk about numerology. To be able to understand numerology, you need to know that everything is made of energy. Every organism alive is energy, everything around us is made of energy, even the stones. Our earthly realm as we experience it, has been created from 1 and 0 energy waves. Everything we see, hear and feel with our senses, is energy. Even our thoughts are energy waves. Did you know that even numbers and letters have their own energy vibration? The so called 11:11 phenomenon has revealed itself to me 8 years ago. I started looking at the clock at exactly 11:11 hours. This happened again and again. The realization slowly came to me that this couldn’t happen by accident. Little did I know that a message was revealed to me by the universe  and I really didn’t know the meaning of this number sequence. It finally made sense untill one of my girlfriends told me she experienced the same thing. She congratulated me and told me that I was introduced to a new dimension. Literally a new world opened to me! My life had changed drastically since then. Believe me, there’s really no way back once you start seeing the number sequences. From that moment on I started seeing more number combinations. Nowadays I see them on a daily basis. For instance when I am driving in my car or when I look at my phone at a particular time. They also appear like this:

• a number plate of a passing car with the numbers 888 on it
• I go to the grocery store and pay exactly € 17,17
• I look at my phone exactly at 12:34 hours
• I receive an e-mail on a Master Number 22:22 hours
This list goes on and on. There’s really nothing I can do to manipulate this. Sometimes it even gives
me goose bumps when I see certain codes starting to appear.
There are several number combinations, such as:
1234-5678 etc (pearl string)
11-22-33 etc (double Master Numbers)
111-222-333 etc (triple Master Numbers)

Both Master Number sequences are portals, gateways in which a goal or a wish can manifest with the speed of light. It’s a way of the universe, your angels or your support team to communicate with you. For me for instance, those messages are a confirmations that I’m on the right track about a certain part or theme in my life. They are real gifts and I thank the universe for every one of them. They encourage me to take necessary steps towards my life goals. Every time I get closer towards my goal, I receive a different number combination. This gives me the confirmation that I’m right on track and I have to keep going forward. A critical note is that the universe doesn’t work with force. So when you are looking for the number combinations for them to appear on purpose, what do you think will happen? They will not appear. You also can’t speed up the process. They will appear when you’re ready. For me for instance they appeared the moment I was ready to work on my soul purpose. Before that, I already did my inner (home)work. I faced my inner demons and healed my traumas first. Every step I took in this process raised my frequency. If you recently start experiencing the numbers and you don’t know how to interpret them yet, try to keep a journal in which you note them and also your thoughts at that moment. After a while you will understand the messages shown to you. It has taken me several years to become confident about what the several codes meant to me. Now I can interpret them without even looking it up. I give thanks for every one of them when they show up. If you have any questions about this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can also make a comment in the section below. In my basic Feng Shui courses I will explain the deeper meaning of the most common sequences. Check the website for the details.  I wish you a lot of success during this wonderfull journey! When those sequences start appearing in your life, you will not know their meaning immediately. You can look them up at:


Credit: by Joanne Walmsley

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