We come from a place where seeds of hate have been planted, which has hurt us in the core of our soul. Our souls need healing, as it is build out of energy from our ancestors. We need to get back in alignment with our Soul, Spirit, then followed by the Mind & Body. Afromantic is about changing the narratives and providing you with new perspectives. Are you with us?

About Afromantic

Our Philosophy

Afromantic is about re-connecting Africa, her diaspora & all she has produced since the beginning of time.

No history has been more victimized by manipulation than African history. Leaving her descendants disillusioned about their identity, as all intrinsic value  & nostalgia in our cultural identity was stripped from us as an ethnicity. Which is essential in our connection on individual level as well as being part of an ethnicity. We have the knowledge, but lack the experience…

Afromantic aims to re-instate African History & Culture, enabling us to re-intstall Traditions & Rituals which are essential to accept and embrace each of us as part of a whole.

It’s been very hard, considering all that is going on, to focus on ourselves. We’ve gotten so used to reacting to everything that we’ve been through and what is still happening to us as an ethnicity as we speak, that we’ve detached ourself from ourselves. We only find each other in moments of dispair or euphoria , cause that effects us as and ethnicity. But once we get down on an individual level, we can not support as we stand alone and not as one.

We aim to connect the dots , linking them back to Africa and all she has produced, globally!