In our philosophy, you got a chance getting to know us better.
How and why we think what we think and do what we are about to do.
That's why we decided that the about us page should be about you.
We see us as one, as our story is your story.
To unite we need to get on the same level of thinking.
We need to align in spirit and soul, before we walk as one mind & body.
Let's start afromanticizing you!

Why you should become an Afromantic

About You

Everyone has gone through experiences to make him/her an Afromantic. An
Afromantic is very aware of its own Africanism and is on the search for
his/her roots and origin.

We classified 3 groups as our audience:

  1. Africans living in Africa (once or still colonized)
  2. Africans coming from Africa (moved for economic reasons, health reasons,
    political reasons, war, etc,…)
  3. The African diaspora coming from Africa due to the Trans-Atlantic
    African Human Slave-trade.

Why we classified these three groups is to show the level of connection
with Africa. Cause all 3 groups are looked upon as one ethnicity,
although they govern huge diversions & inequality between the knowledge
of Africa, the intrinsic value (connection) towards Africa and their
identity on an individual level as well as an ethnicity group.

An African who was born and raised in Africa has a strong and
deep-rooted connection to Africa. He or she is the most familiar with his/her
history, culture, tradition, rituals. It was passed down from generation
to generation, he/she is proud of her/his roots and origin.

An African who lives outside of Africa is aware of its history, culture,
traditions & rituals. However, because he/she is also in contact with
other cultures that might influence the authenticity of their own
culture. Never the less, they have a connection based on experiences with

The third and last group, the African diaspora, has almost no knowledge
of their African history, culture, traditions, and rituals because of the brute
uprooted effects of the Slave-trade. The African diaspora coming out of
enslavement has the knowledge that their roots and origin lie in Africa,
only they lack the experience which is essential to connect.