Ankhcestory shares the infinite stories of our eternally honored ancestors, Ourstory reflects the reality of our beloved continent Africa giving you inside information on how our civilization was build. How our ancestors passed down this knowledge by creating traditions to reflect and rituals to identify our origin. Remember you would not be here without your past!

  • Culture and Customs of Cameroon

    Music and dance are an integral part of Cameroonian ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings, and storytelling. Traditional dances are highly choreographed and separate men and women or forbid participation by one sex altogether. The goals of dances range from pure entertainment…

  • Baluba

    Archaeological evidence proves that the Baluba had settlements around the lakes and marshes of the Upemba Depression by the fifth century CE. The evidence suggesting an advanced Iron Age society by then comes from multiple sites, and these are among…

  • The Bamileke Tradition


    According to Bamileke tradition the Succession and inheritance rules are determined by the principle of patrilineal descent. According to custom, the eldest son is the probable heir, but a father may choose any one of his sons to succeed him.…