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  • Numerology by Juanita Sno


    elcome to my first blog for Afromantic! I feel very honoured to be able to share my experiences and knowledge with you via this platform. Let’s share and learn from each other. At first, I would like to make clear that everything I write is from my own perspective and experience. You may experience it differently.

    In this blog I will talk about numerology. To be able to understand numerology, you need to know that everything is made of energy. Every organism alive is energy, everything around us is made of energy, even the stones. Our earthly realm as we experience it, has been created from 1 and 0 energy waves. Everything we see, hear and feel with our senses, is energy. Even our thoughts are energy waves. Did you know that even numbers and letters have their own energy vibration? The so called 11:11 phenomenon has revealed itself to me 8 years ago. I started looking at the clock at exactly 11:11 hours. This happened again and again. The realization slowly came to me that this couldn’t happen by accident. Little did I know that a message was revealed to me by the universe  and I really didn’t know the meaning of this number sequence. It finally made sense untill one of my girlfriends told me she experienced the same thing. She congratulated me and told me that I was introduced to a new dimension. Literally a new world opened to me! My life had changed drastically since then. Believe me, there’s really no way back once you start seeing the number sequences. From that moment on I started seeing more number combinations. Nowadays I see them on a daily basis. For instance when I am driving in my car or when I look at my phone at a particular time. They also appear like this:

    • a number plate of a passing car with the numbers 888 on it
    • I go to the grocery store and pay exactly € 17,17
    • I look at my phone exactly at 12:34 hours
    • I receive an e-mail on a Master Number 22:22 hours
    This list goes on and on. There’s really nothing I can do to manipulate this. Sometimes it even gives
    me goose bumps when I see certain codes starting to appear.
    There are several number combinations, such as:
    1234-5678 etc (pearl string)
    11-22-33 etc (double Master Numbers)
    111-222-333 etc (triple Master Numbers)

    Both Master Number sequences are portals, gateways in which a goal or a wish can manifest with the speed of light. It’s a way of the universe, your angels or your support team to communicate with you. For me for instance, those messages are a confirmations that I’m on the right track about a certain part or theme in my life. They are real gifts and I thank the universe for every one of them. They encourage me to take necessary steps towards my life goals. Every time I get closer towards my goal, I receive a different number combination. This gives me the confirmation that I’m right on track and I have to keep going forward. A critical note is that the universe doesn’t work with force. So when you are looking for the number combinations for them to appear on purpose, what do you think will happen? They will not appear. You also can’t speed up the process. They will appear when you’re ready. For me for instance they appeared the moment I was ready to work on my soul purpose. Before that, I already did my inner (home)work. I faced my inner demons and healed my traumas first. Every step I took in this process raised my frequency. If you recently start experiencing the numbers and you don’t know how to interpret them yet, try to keep a journal in which you note them and also your thoughts at that moment. After a while you will understand the messages shown to you. It has taken me several years to become confident about what the several codes meant to me. Now I can interpret them without even looking it up. I give thanks for every one of them when they show up. If you have any questions about this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    You can also make a comment in the section below. In my basic Feng Shui courses I will explain the deeper meaning of the most common sequences. Check the website for the details.  I wish you a lot of success during this wonderfull journey! When those sequences start appearing in your life, you will not know their meaning immediately. You can look them up at:


    Credit: by Joanne Walmsley

  • Awareness of awareness

    We were taught that energy has a (+) and a (-) charge, one connects with the other, the same charge repels each other…… So is the BRAIN the center of thoughts? Can the brain be polarized to either receive positive or negative thoughts? Now, when I say (+) & (-) I don’t mean good and bad thoughts. What makes a thought (energy) (+) or (-), that would be simple as sending and receiving energy (thoughts).


    When you receive a thought, You think its your thought, and that is where the connection starts, energy forming over and around a thought, then you can use that energy (thought) and move your body to follow the thought (energy) as you do so, that is now a action. The energy is still traveling, if your actions touch or cross another, by sight, sound, touch or smell, that energy (thought) keeps traveling, if they willingly or unwillingly know it. The thought lives Until one has let the thought go, What happens to the thought (energy) it remains, It is in death again until another form of energy moves it, or calls on it.


    Why do I say thought is in death, because we think anything not moving is dead, if the body is still then it maybe dead, if it is moving then its seen as being alive. Well, thought is the Life of Life and death. You as a Energy body, (E-B) Claiming you are a make up of all your life or all your THOUGHTS (energy) your thoughts are seen as who you are and what you have done. So in leaving the body, called death, you are only left with Thoughts (energy, soul, spirit), or you are left in the minds of others as a Thought, a Memory. A Memo, a Reminder, a Note.


     BUT are the thoughts Really you?


    No, they aren’t really you, they are just Energy, You are the energy that can become any other form of energy called thoughts, but you must learn how to control your connections to other energy that can bound you to them and they are bound to another then you are trapped to where they are………Past lives are simple the thoughts one housed is it not? If you connect to those houses, then you have that persons life.


     Can you be downloaded or saved to a disk, to a hard drive, can you be removed from one body and placed into another and still have the same exact thoughts you did before in the other body?


    Thoughts, images on a screen, like looking at a movie, are you the movie or the one watching the moving, but you (your) energy gets moving, becoming EMOTIONAL and you may cry from watching the Movie, you are reacting to what you hear and see as if it is real life events. In some sense you related or remember that happening to you or knowing someone that it happen to, or even just Imagining how that could feel and you have made a connection to THOUGHTS, a Movie. Are you reacting is it THOUGHT that is reacting, thought moving towards other thought, (+) energy being pulled to (-) energy…….


    Where do thoughts come from?


    That is a very good question, what came first the thought or the thinker of the thought. Why don’t you know? Have we forgotten , is there a piece of us that is missing, or has a piece(s) been removed from the brain, our receiver causing us to not know or have access to outer thoughts or other thoughts? Have we all be taught the same thing or we simple can’t think out side of this Plane of thoughts. Just imagine that you are all plugged into Face Book, You can only do what the program allows, you can have friends, photos, links, notes, reminders, etc. but if its not in the program then you can’t do it on Face Book. WE have been giving a I.D. number and if I don’t have your number then I can’t call you, or you me. But in reality we all have the same number. One number with different ext. and area codes. LOL,


    If I just told you where thought came from you wouldn’t even believe it. Because you might be so caught up in your Ego (energy goes to) thinking you are so unique and so special that its no way anyone came before me in the vast word of energy (thought)


    Are You Just A Thinker?


    Thinker, one who thinks, what do you think about? To think is simple a function is it not, a Learned function, what were you thinking before you were taught words, if all your thoughts are in the language you speak and know? You can’t say because you want to think a baby doesn’t know anything, because of what you now know as a adult hinders you from having that thought to what they may really be thinking of. The Mental Conditioning of another humans will power


    Who are We then?


    We are thoughts, programmed to think and react to others thoughts, looking at it as good or bad, right and wrong, and they all just thoughts. Law is what one agrees to and accepts as law. We are receivers of thoughts (energy) some accepts some energy and some don’t. but we all have them (thoughts) what makes us like one thing and not another. Is it a such thing as your nature or your neglecting of energy (thoughts) is really do to the program you house or use and why is it you can’t change your Internet carrier, If I don’t like FB no more can I use another, if I do, and you aren’t connect or a online member then we can’t interact with each other.


    Why is energy connected to thoughts or words and how?


    Energy is connected to energy by energy, will power is energy force. The only real power is WILL POWER. What power makes your planet rotate around the sun. what keeps your planet from being pulled into the sun or away from it. What keeps the sun centered in the solar system, why doesn’t the sun just get up and decide to move some where else, what keeps the sun centered? You call it forces and gravity, but it’s a POWER. The same power you are using to set and read this note word for word line for line. Think about this…

  • What is balance and when does it apply and to what?


    alance is to hold an upright and steady position, an opposition of equal forces, harmony, nothing is out of proportion, emotional stability, to be calm and make rational decisions and judgments, to weigh an object, something that offset or counters the weight, counterweight, a remainder, a bill still, to be paid, the balance, if your credit and debit are equal and cancel each other out, to be equal on both sides.

    So balance or universal balance can be one thing that cancels out the other, or a remainder of a unpaid debt, or that everything is equal and nothing is out of proportion.  Is the universe out of proportion?


    Ma’at an Egyptian term also Know as Justice and Order.  Someone Justifying their actions is that justice? If someone has to play a price or an outcome for their actions, then it will take Someone else to care out that result, unless they take it out on themselves. You have become In a state of Actions with No equal or opposite RE-action. Who can Rightfully determine what would be Justice To ones Actions taking against another?


    Order just doesn’t take place on its own, when one wrongs another. Just because Something bad happens to you by the hands of another, doesn’t mean that he or she will have something bad happen back to them. That type of thinking is wrong thinking, the god/devil syndrome.  What goes around comes around, is WRONG thinking, when you try to apply it outside of the applied meaning. What goes around, is anything moving in a circle, and that is what will come back around, this is true when referring to a merry-go-round or hands on a clock is going around and around, the planet is moving around and around going nowhere, time is going nowhere. If someone steals (stills) your Ipod doesn’t mean that something will get stolen from them or God will punish them, they will get there’s in the end….is a program or a Back door to your Computer (brain, body and emotions) to step in do what they like to you or those around you and you do nothing about it,, nothing to prevent it from happening again….WHY?


    That old slave (JOB) mentality, wrong thinking again, That has been taught to you by the ones stealing from you, so you wont do anything to ever really stop him from taking over and over again. What end are they going to get it in? If it’s the end of the world, then wouldn’t we all be getting it, called death, that’s no good justice is it?  When will their end come just for them, I hope not to be apart of there end? God, Allah, Anu, Yahweh , etc is not going to get them, If they don’t believe in your god. How is your belief going to do something to them after they are dead is when, God, Allah, Anu, Yahwah, etc. is going to get them, send then to hell?  Why didn’t  those Gods do something to STOP them from hurting you in the first place? Wrong thinking again, but this is your second nature, to think this way.  To Be Ignorant, To Believe, but Now the Time has Come To End This Lies and The mistreatment.


    We must learn to apply the Right Knowledge to the right situation to get the right outcomes each and every time. What might work in one concept or situation doesn’t mean it will work in another, Each situation is different and each will need the Right Knowledge that pertains to that Subject.


    As above so below, this can be also so misleading, having you think that it is two directions when in fact there is no direction at all, only when its applied to a higher universal law. Left and Right, North and south, east and west are they directions, Yes and no. Yes on the law of understanding their use and meaning, If You need directions they can be giving by left and right on a flat plan. Two or three dimensional directions, but when brought into a higher Standards (Ethereal Thinking)  there is no left and right, you have two right hands but one you call left, why? Up and down, when you are off the planet and there is no gravity, no point of origin, once you are away from any seen objects how can you go left or right, only if you apply what you were taught prier.   How will you know once your up in space, or down into space or out into space, see how these terms do not truly apply to Sound Right Reasoning…..because you are always within SPACE, You can’t go INTO space because it takes space for You to even BE in any state, physical, spiritual, or Ethereal.  Space Needs Space to even exist…Think about that!


    Ethereal Overstanding, The Real E.  The Real Energy, The Real Ether (E-the-real), The Real Electromagnet Field. E – Electron, E – e-mail, e-book, e-bomb, The Real EL (GOD) is you.


    You have always been in space. You have always taken up space even if it was only as thought, it was space that allowed that thought to exist. You have never been with out space, as a sperm, egg, consciousness even takes an amount of space, nothing would exist with out space.


    I even mean Nothing wouldn’t exist without space, nothing can never, at no time, exist. Nothing would need space in order for it to exist, correct?


    There’s space between the electron and proton of an atom. What makes up that space. Or is it space or just seen by the lesser laws of thought that its space.


    Maybe there is a link to all things, seen and unseen, felt and not felt, that this space is ALL, and all things in The All Can not escape the All. But with bad conditioning, teaching, programming,  You have been taught that the space is between me and you. So that makes me separated from you and from this or that. Imagine You are in a ocean of ALL, surrounded by this All, like being in the ocean under water. Water (All) all around you, even if you heat the water to make steam spreading the water molecules further apart giving you the existence of more space but still surrounded by this steam (atmosphere) but you will never be able to get out of All.



  • Belief


    ost people don’t realize that a belief in a thing and ignorance is one in the same!  To believe in something simply means that you aren’t sure, but you place your faith in that thing anyway.  Take this scenario for example: Some one asks you, “Have you seen Bobby?”, and you say, “I BELIEVE  I  saw him in the store!”  You “believe”, but you don’t “know”.  And that goes for a belief in GOD, the DEVIL, Angels, Jesus, and the likes.  In most cases we place our beliefs in religion because that’s what we’ve been taught all our lives, or when we were younger we were scared into believing these things.  Now we have carried these belief’s with us into adulthood, and then scare and/or teach our children these same convictions.  Nevertheless, we carry these beliefs as luggage for the rest of our lives, and we don’t dare question them!  We don’t question these beliefs because we were equally scare into believing that questioning belief’s means questioning GOD, and questioning GOD meant being placed in a fiery pit “forever and ever Amen”.  This is what most of us have been taught, and if not this it was something similar in theory.

    The legal definition for Belief isn’t far from the above, but the only definition that I could find that was unbias (meaning non religious) was in Blacks Law Dictionary.  This is because most dictionaries are usually made by some one with a religious background, while Black’s Law Dictionary is a dictionary bounded by law.  According to this dictionary, belief means..



    1. A conviction of the truth of a proposition, existing subjectively in the mind, and induced by argument, persuasion, or proof addressed to the judgment.
    2. A conclusion arrived at from external sources after weighing probability.
    3. A conviction of the mind, arising not from actual perception or knowledge, but by way of inference, or from evidence received or information devired from others.
    4. assurance gained by evidence from other persons.
    5. ..necessarily based on at least assumed facts.



    According to definition number one, belief is something of the mind (or imagination), meaning a propossion, that is normally placed there by an argument or persuasion that is addressed as proof.  But this argument is not an actual fact!  By way of definition number two you can see that belief is also a conclusion that you come to by weighing probability, but probability still isn’t fact.  Saying that something “probably will be” isn’t to say that it “will be”, because the word “probably and probability” shows that you aren’t sure!  Definitions three and four are on in the same in that they show you belief also comes from heresy or word of mouth, and not from actual evidence of a things and situations actually existing.  And finally , definition number four shows you that belief is basically an assumption, and from the definitions above you can see why.  Now all of this brings to mind that saying.. “When you assume (ass-u-me) you make an ass out of you and not me!”


    Now because belief is not based on fact, but persuasion of heresy (words) and arguments, it is safe to say that BELIEF IS IGNORANCE.  While the basis of ignorance is to ignore [the facts], the basis of belief is sometimes equally so.  I say this because most people who live by the school of belief tend to not care about any evidence you bring them, if it isn’t found in their Bible, Qur’an, Torah and so on they will just ignore actual proof.


    The word “truth” does not always mean reality, and can sometimes be mixed up with the word “fact”.  For example, the world being flat was once thought to be true, but it is now a fact that the world is an “imperfect sphere”.  Black’s Law Dictionary has this to say about “truth”..



    1. An agreement of thought and reality
    2. an eventual verification
    3. a consistency of thought with itself


    Definition number one tell you that truth can be something that is unanimously agreed upon, even it that thing isn’t a fact it can be a agreed to be true.  The second definition shows that truth can be based on hopes, dreams, or eventual verification, and this sounds a lot like belief to me!  Now definition number three seem s to be the one that most us humans fall victim to, because it deals with us keeping ignorance alive by teaching it over and over again.  Thus keeping ignorant thoughts alive by repeating them, but never looking to do research and prove them.


    Facts, on the other hand, must be proven with evidence to substantiate a things existence, and this is the opposite of belief and religious convictions.  Black’s Law Dictionary say..




    1. A thing done; an action performed or an incident transpiring; an event or circumstance; an actual occurrence; and actual happening in time or space or an event mental or physical; that which has been taken place.


    1. A fact is either a state of things, that is, an existence, or a motion, that is, and event.


    1. The quality of being actual; actual existence or occurrence.



    Here, by all three definitions, you can see that before a thing or situation can be said factual there must be some evidence that this thing or happening ever existed, and hearsay or one sided references don’t count in this case. So stories that can only be found in one cultures book don’t count as evidence, and that is the case of the Torah-Bible and in-part the Koranic Stories.  What is meant by this is the stories of Moshe (Moses), Abrawham (Abraham), Yashu’a (Jesus) and so forth can only be found in the Bible as proof.  No other neighboring cultures have records of these stories except them, with the exceptions of the partial stories they themselves plagiarized from other cultures.


    As far as truth, belief and fact goes, these definitions do not only suite religious beliefs, but also life as a whole.  In these days and times we are in need a “school of thought” that recognizes and respects these definitions for what they are, and one that people will be able to apply to their lives.

    Nuwaubu is an attempt to do so by definition, for Nuwaubu is the science of sound right reasoning.  Nuwaubu teaches that truth can only be tested by experience, evidence and reason, and only then can a thing be weighed and then trusted.  Truth Is Truth Once It Has Been Weighed By Facts, Thus Before A Thing Can Be True It Has Be Tested.  Things must stand the test of scrutiny before becoming a part of the teachings of Nuwaubu, and that’s why we are taught to question and learn as much as GODLY possible.  I say to truely strive for perfection, one must not only gather facts, but also apply and teach them to the youth.  In this way humanity as a whole will heal itself of its weakness, and then the true GODDESS/GOD in us all will come back to save us and bring salvation!

  • The rocky planets & Gas giants

    The four planets closest to the Sun are:
    ·  Mercury
    ·  Venus
    ·  Earth
    ·  Mars
    These are called the 'rocky' or 'terrestrial' planets. They are small by planetary standards and made of similar materials to the Earth.
    The gas giants are:
    ·  Jupiter
    ·  Saturn
    ·  Uranus
    ·  Neptune
    They are known as the 'gas giants', except for Pluto. They all have rings and lots of moons, except for Pluto. The gas giants are made up 
    mostly of hydrogen, helium, frozen water, ammonia, methane, and carbon monoxide.