Let’s set the record straight!

  • The Netherlands

    Netherlands is commonly known as Holland. Its History ties back to the Roman empire, Inhabited by the Germanic Tribes during Roman Times. The region passed to the Franks in the 4th to the 8th Century, and the Roman empire in the 10th Century. The word “Nether” comes from the middle English Nethere, Nithere, from Old English, meaning “Lower”, from the adverb Neoor, Nioer, meaning “Downward”. And the word “Land” means the solid ground of the Earth. So this signifying the people of the Netherlands lived in the lower part of the land, which is where they got their name from. Again, no nationality.

    The word Holland comes from the Dutch Holland, from earlier Hotlant, meaning “Wood Land”, from middle Dutch Holt, Hout, meaning “Wood”. So this again speaks where they reside not their Nationality.

    The people of Holland are also known as Dutch. When you look up the word Dutch it means “Of or relating to the Netherlands it’s people or culture. Of or relating to the Dutch language, German. Of or relating to any of the Germanic peoples or languages”. You see it ties right back to the Germans, which ties back to Greek mythology again.