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Food for thought

Food for thought is the page that Afromantic uses to spark your mind & change the way you're thinking or the way you look at things. The mind is a powerful wapon as it is where every thought, idea and vision finds it's birthplace. Your thoughts, idea's and visions are the inspiration behind every thing
you create.

As the need to create is the fuel to actioning every little step we take, to accomplish that what the mind has sparked. You are your own motivator, if only your mind is fed with the correct affirmations.

Are you aware of the fact that...

14 Kingdoms

We're built in Africa

There were 14 Kingdoms built in Africa and Mesaptamia before the Egyptian dynasties were established.

The word Dolphin

Means womb

The word dolphin is derived from the greek word delphis; wich means womb

The Arawaks were the

Original inhabitants of Surinam

The Arawaks migrated from South America before settling in the Caribbean. They are the original inhabitants of Jamaica, haiti, The Bahamas, Surinam & Barbados.

The Tomb of Ausar

Is located under the causeway of Khafre

The Tomb of Osiris, also known as the Osiris Shaft, is located under the causeway of Khafre. It is approximately 25 feet deep

Your 9 ether hair

Is an antenna

Our natural hair pattern spirals clockwise with sacred geometry just like the majority of nature.

The term Hebrew

Means to "cross over"

The word Hebrew evret or ebre means “to cross over” (Genesis 14:13). Hebrew is NOT a nation of people or a nationality. It is an act that a group of Syrian Chaldeans committed.

Let's set the record straight!

By Dr. Malachi Kobina Z. York

Adopted Traditions

That are not our own


Originally, Easter was called the Feast of Feasts, Sunday Pasch by many nations in different tongues such as: Greeks, Rumanians, (Pascha), Italians (Paqua), Spaniards and Portuguese (Pascua), French (Pasqua), Norwegians (Paskir), Danes (Paaske), Gaels (Casc).

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