We aim to inspire you to re-connect to your own story. Sharing OURstory, oppose to HIStory, bringing you closer to your culture. Overstand (understand) the traditions and where they’ve emerged from, filling your heart with intrinsic value and spark nostalgia in order to find the connectivity with the Africa in you and to embrace the rest of the African diaspora, as we stand united!


History: Describing the past in chronologic order, based on critical
research. This great diversity of sources is based on writings and
printing, verbal interviews on history and unwritten sources from
archeology. In other words, history points out to all assurances in the
past, all phenomena that have been submitted to changes with or without
human interventions. Events occurring before written record are
considered prehistory.

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Culture: Is created by men. The entirety of behavior imbues values and
norms of culture; the language, art, spirituality, religion, politics,
economy, and technology. Also making the landscape liveable by
cultivation. Culture is man-made, opposite of nature (what already
existed before the interference of mankind). With all these
“characteristic” behaviors and methods local traits/features became a
trademark for tribes/populations, which amplifies differentiation and/or
enforces unity amongst the tribe/population.

*Sidenote: Culture is submissive to mutation and can be influenced
easily once carriers of one culture get in contact with the next carrier
of another culture.

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Traditions: are a custom and/or habit which is passed down from
generation to generation. Traditions can be seen as valuable and be
placed above all, but can also as function as conservatism which can
slow down progression.

*Sidenote: traditions can be created to encourage a national identity in
order to promote national unity. Acknowledgment and recognition of a

The essence of tradition is: maintaining societal stability.

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Rituals: is a chain of actions is a specific sequence, in a particular
place or moment.
Rituals are expressions of humans or animals, in certain circumstances.
These expressions can exist out of one element, but also a scale of
elements. Examples of rituals: dancing, singing, meditating, disguise,
piercings, tattoos, candles burning, slaughtering, sacrifices,…

*Sidenote: Rituals are like habits that we have grown so a costume to,
that we believe we can’t do without them.

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