Describing the past in chronologic order, based on critical
research. This great diversity of sources is based on writings and
printing, verbal interviews on history and unwritten sources from
archeology. In other words, history points out to all occurrences in the
past, all phenomena that have been submitted to changes with or without
human interventions. Events occurring before written record are
considered prehistorical.

*Sidenote: The study of history as a source has shown that history has
been / can be used by the oppressor/ruler as a political instrument to
manipulate the "real" story. History will than become the story of the
dominating culture who can ensure the stories (OURstory) of the defeated
population or minorities cannot be passed down to their posterity. This
way the local/global rulers can ensure (regulate/control) the "safety "
of information that is being passed down.

History is at the core of any civilization a.k.a. culture!

The essence of history explained: The essential line of demarcation
between prehistoric and historical times is crossed when people cease to
live only in the present and become consciously interested both in their
past and in their future. Records of the past being kept for the
benefit of future generations, named SANKOFA!

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